Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Currently August and Made it Monday...on Wednesday...

Hello Bloggy friends! Sorry I've been a bit MIA recently, but it's been a bit hectic over her in Bonkers Honkers! School started today, well meetings - the kids are not due for another fortnight. Well - here is my first stab at Currently, the August edition, so hear goes!!

Listening/Loving: My Aaron Sorkin addiction, The Newsroom. I love the writing, the banter and the characters!

Thinking: Since I'm moving up with my grade, I decided on a new theme in my classroom so the students that are in my class this year would have something new to look forward to. This, however means I need to print, cut and laminate again. Ew.

Wanting: Apple TV! I've been hearing a lot about the use of Apple TV in the classroom, so I am very tempted to purchase this next month and try it out with my devices.

Needing: After attending the TCRWP's Reading Institute at Columbia University, I feel inspired to level my classroom library. Arduous.

B2S must haves: Blu tack. Laminating Film. Unlimited Colour Printing. No explanation needed.

And for What I made this past Monday... 

Banoffie Pie! - This classic British dessert is a childhood favourite of mine and is always a crowd pleaser. For those who don't know what Banoffie is, it's banana toffee pie. So here is my recipe.

100g butter melted
250g Digestive biscuits - crushed


100g butter
100g dark sugar
350g condensed milk
4 ripe bananas


300g carton whipped cream
grated chocolate
1/2 teaspoon of vanilla essence

Step 1:

Melt the butter into the pan, spoon in the crumble and mix. Scoop the mixture into your pie pan and spread the mixture onto the pan and halfway upwards to create the shell. Chill for 15 minutes.

Step 2:

Melt the butter in the pan. Add the dark sugar and condensed milk. Stir continuously and bring it into a rapid boil. Keep the mixture boiling for a minute, stirring continuously. Pour the mixture into the crust and chill for about an hour.

Step 3:

Chop the banana and put it on top of the squidgy caramel. In a separate bowl, whip the cream with the vanilla essence and add the whip cream on the pie. Garnish the pie with the grated chocolate.


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  1. Hi Constance! I smiled at your Blu Tack because I had a HUGE ball of it before decorating my room and it's slowly depleting. :) I was also going to be really good about leveling my library, but then said "to heck with it" and just started putting books on my shelves. I figure that will be a "through-out the year" type of thing.

    We start with meetings and kids next week, so I'm really trying to get my room done. Best wishes to you this school year. I hope it's a good one!

    Fun In 5th


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