Sunday, June 9, 2013

Google Apps for Educators Summit - #gafesummit

Howdy there. I'm absolutely exhausted after a two-day intensive conference revolving around Google Applications. The Google Apps For Educators (GAFE) summit is all the rage in technology professional development these days and I definitely learnt several tips and tricks I cannot wait to use with my new fourth graders!

To start our bright and early saturday morning (yep, we worked through the weekend), Suen Yao from Google gave an inspiring keynote to kick off day 1. Do follow him on twitter @suaneu for lots of exciting ideas to motivate you in the classroom.  

Keynote speakers Suan Yao from Google, Mark Wagner from EdTeach team and Molly Schroeder from Flipped Education gave some wicked keynotes. Molly Schroeder (@followmolly) talked about how we can help kids learn in the gap, in the between by providing them opportunities for kids find answers. She spoke on how education is always in "beta', - in testing and that we need to create a culture where students are always finding things. Here's a video on Moonshot Thinking  - Inspiring students to challenges! What will you do to inspire your students to have moonshot thinking? 

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